Thursday, July 10, 2003

So, after months of complaining about not having a friend who has a weblog, I finally have one. Figures that it is better than mine. I mean his posts are funnier, longer, and all around better than mine. One the bright side, he did let me know about free slurpee day tomorrow. Jeff, meet Chris, Chris meet Jeff. You've met before, a long time ago in a world far far away. Actually, you are both in that world right now.

Oh, and about that movie you mentioned, Chris. Not the Matrix. No, not Terminator. Not Spellbound. Not The Two Towers. Not The Return of the King. The other one. Fountainhead. That's the one. Did you notice when I said that it was one of my favorite books? I haven't seen that flick, but after this whole bar thing is over, I will have to check it out.

Did I mention that I hate this bar stuff. I had a slight freak out last night. Anyway, Congrats on the page Chris. I like it. Way better than mine. I need to get a server so I can use more/any pictures.


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