Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Blazer-mania? So, the Blazers are in the news. Let's see, first Gary Payton will sign with the Lakers for the 5 million dollar exception. Apparently, in contract negotiations with the Blazers, he was demanding 4-years, $40 million. So basically, he really didn't want to be here. In other Blazer news, the Blazers cut 1/3 of the stadium staff in order to cut costs. Why do they need to cut costs? Because if they cut Mr. Dumbass, I mean Damon, it will cost them about 45 million. I used to be a big Damon fan, but c'mon, 3 arrests for marajuana in less than 2 years? Trying to carry pot in metal while going through a metal detector? Not learning your lesson when the cops found pounds of the stuff in your house? Not sick of people saying you are a Jail Blazer? At this point, I want them to trade him for a second round pick or whatever. Just get rid of him.


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