Wednesday, July 09, 2003

So, Alice has come back to post anew. Recently, she listed some advice for new bloggers on how to get the readership up. Being as I have no content (note that none of my posts are ever more than a paragraph or two) I really don't expect much of a readership. (Big Props to those four of you that stop by on a regular basis.) Might I suggest the following as well:

Use Sitemeter: While I use Sitemeter, I am sure there are other similar services. Basically, this is good in that it lets you know who is reading your page and how they found it. I've noticed that others use Technorati and it seems to work well for them. One of the nice features is that it tells you who has linked you and when. Here's an example: Example.

Have a Theme While I don't have a theme, I've found that the best blogs have a theme. For example, Hose Monster often uses Victoria Secrets pictures to "pretty up" his page. On the other hand, The Trademark Blog has a content theme of dealing only with trademark law. These type of things make people more likely to hit the bookmark command while looking at your page.

Travel the Web Keep up to date on things that matter to your theme or to you.

Do as I say, not as I do.


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