Monday, May 07, 2007

So, is this a compliment

Myspace comments are wierd in that everyone sees what you say. I recently flirted with one girl and she added me as a friend, and therefore I could see her comments (she had it set to private). Well, the string of comments has been odd to say the least. The most recent part of the interesting portion came when one of her friends indicated that she had a crush on me.

She went on to describe me as follows: Well let's see... he's not handsome by conventional standards and he wears those ridiculous corduroy shorts. However, he reminds me of a big goofy frat boy and for some reason that's like eating oysters for me. Plus the fact that I actually get nervous around him is never a good sign... it means the crush factor is high. And his horrid rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody last night... well that was like a serenade. Let's work some magic... I don't have his number anymore.

So, I'm not handsome. I wear ridiculous clothes. I am horrid at Kareokee (ok, that last part I knew). But on the bright side, that works for somebody.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh you know you're handsome Molly's just been dropped on her head too many times. . .

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Molly said...

I am MORTIFIED... I didn't know you were able to see that comment and it was obviously never meant to be seen by you. Of course I think you're handsome.... that had the caveat of "by conventional standards" behind it. But by my standards (which are high for that particular area... as indicated by lookers I've dated whom most of my friends call "hotties")... you are very handsome. If it makes you feel any better, I pretty much have had my pick of the dating litter at this point and I chose you to have a crush on. That should be taken as a HUGE compliment. That's why I got all shy around you... I turn into a bumbling moron when I'm attracted to someone. Not the usual outspoken, smart (all evidence to the contrary... damn Myspace) person I am. I have a talent for putting my foot in my mouth... it requires great flexibility and stupidity. I feel terrible... I hope I didn't hurt your feelings. I'm so sorry if I did. And I love the blue shorts! They have a fun personality... oh fuck it I'm going crawl into a hole and die.

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL. I find this to be immensely humorous. You know you are a good looking guy! And those shorts, well you have seen what those shorts do to me. They make me lose control of my senses, straddle a total stranger and begin to gyrate uncontrollably.

let me explain something, Mo, was complimenting you. She makes even the driest British Dignitary look wet. You just have to get a feel for her humor. Oh, and she has been dropped on her head one to many times.
However, I'm sure she'd be happy to rectify the situation with a few apology martinis, but what do I know!?!?!?

3:12 PM  
Blogger Molly said...

Well at least my friends are coming to my aid here... I think. Though I'm not sure what the story about me dropped on my head is all about or about making British Dignitaries wet. I'd be more than happy to sit at your bar of choice and stroke your ego. I may however need copious amounts of Grey Goose as an ally for myself so that I do not actually die of humiliation and embarrassment. Now THAT would be entertainment on a whole new level!

3:35 PM  
Blogger Brad said...

Wow, my rarely updated blog has become a hot topic today. Here's my take on all of this....

A) I figured that you didn't know I saw your posts, but I figured that T did since she was the one that friended me and since she approves comments. (See comment re: work some magic)
B) Don't be Mortified. I am sure the only people who have seen this are you two. My web-counter on this site was stuck at nil due to my no-posting.
C) I wasn't insulted (well, I didn't like to think that others think my shorts are "ridiculous", but my entire closet would likely fit that description so I can't really be too insulted).
D) How is it that T is coming to your rescue when there was no attack, and certainly no response yet to your initial response? Linguistics, ladies, linguistics! If there was an attack made here, I am sure it was by T on M with the comment re: dropped on head.
E) No hole-crawling. At least none without lube.
F) What are you even doing here, spying on me? You had to google my name to get here. Stalkers!!!!!

3:59 PM  
Blogger Molly said...

Okay, Sugarplum. Here's one more for your site to tally.
A) T is not the one who found your blog and pointed it out to me. So there goes B right out the window. Plus I had to call my faux pas to several of my friends' attention. Laughing at me has been the general consensus. Bastard friends. In response to F... I didn't even know your name was Brad until about 5 hours ago when I read the post about how Sofa became your name AFTER someone sent me the link to your blog and I became 12 shades of crimson.
B) I will continue to be mortified... it's not my style to have men see the behind the scenes of what's going on in my head... it can be a scary place!
C) I am adamantly opposed to ever hurting anyone's feelings. I love that you wear blue shorts... it means you probably have the silly personality to match. I venture that you are not ridiculous however.
D) My friends rescue me (or at least try to) from myself and that foot in mouth talent I have on a relatively frequent basis... I never felt like you were attacking me... even if I deserved it. I'll even give you ammunition. Feel free to comment about my silly spandex pants (only because I hadn't done laundry) or Catholic pigtails (years of wearing them in school sports made it habitual for athletic events) if you feel the need.
E) In response to other E... gross.
F) If I were stalking do you honestly think that perhaps STEALTH may have been my modus operandi rather that profuse apologies? Let's take a second to do the cost-benefit analysis there, Doll. Unnoticed information gathering on possible target versus admitting I was a total doof and making myself look like an even bigger moron than before? I'll take the first one every day of the week.
G) I just wanted to have an extra letter.

4:58 PM  
Blogger Brad raised me like a dog. said...

It's not true that no one else has read the comments contained herein. I've read them. Anonymity persists, however, because the only party whom I know is Brad, and Brad is beyond embarrassment.

Just wanted to make sure all are aware you have an audience.

Also, this is indeed the most excitement Brad's sorry excuse for a blog has had for a long time.

10:36 AM  
Blogger Tammy said...

I find it interesting that you find the fact that the world can read myspace comments interesting. I recall a certain Sofa posting on the Recess League bulletin board that someone he knew had a crush on a girl that wore a coast guard cap. I think some of your friends said something to the effect of "hey man, why do that to a brother?" I didn't even know that bulletin board existed until someone said something about me was on it...enquiring minds wanna know!!!

6:16 PM  

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