Monday, July 03, 2006

Dill Chips

I know I haven't posted in a while, and this post isn't likely to rock your socks off. So I was at the store the other day, and found dill flavored Lays. I am not a Lays fan at all, but they were on sale for buy one get one free so I got some dill flavored and some wavy bbq lays. Anyway, I think the idea behind this is brilliant. Let's face it, most of the time when you eat lays it is at a deli. What else to you get with the chips and your sandwich at a deli? A dill pickle. They are just combining tastes. As for the actual product, I think they taste okay, but you definitively cannot have more than a few at a time.

On other notes, I really like what the Blazers did with their draft. It should make them a much better team to watch THIS YEAR. Not that they will win a lot more this year, but we will have two players with legitimate shots at being the ROY and for there to be some exciting young scrappy playing. I even love that they stole the draft by making all of the trades they did. As for the 'stache, I wasn't that sold on him, so not drafting him doesn't make me too upset.

Congrats to Jeff on his new job.

Congrats to Missy for getting engaged.

Oh, and poker has been treating me like someone's byotch lately.

Had a great day at the park on Saturday. A fellow kickballer celebrated his 30th by having a picnic in the park. All day fun. If I can ever figure out how to upload pictures I will start posting my life.


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