Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Your Grandmother Was a Horrible Mother!!!

So everyone and their poodle is up in arms about Britney Spears (Remember her, she was famous before she married a backup dancer with singing asperations and got herself preggers) driving around with her son in her lap. Me? I am not concerned about this in the least. Aside from not caring whether Mr. Federline's child lives to see puberty and has to deal with the schoolkids calling his mom names and being right about what they call her 75% of the time, I guess I just have a sense of perspective on this. I've ridden on an elder's lap unseatbelted as they were driving a car. I am sure my parents were too. I can't go to much further back because I am not sure how old my grandparents were when their parents got a car, but if they had one at the appropriate time, I am sure they would have done so as well.

Well you might try to make the argument that there were no child safety seats back in the day, and I say you forget yourself. They had boxes, ropes and blankets if your safety on a short little ride to the store was so important that failing to take these precausions would give DHS cause to investigate and take action.

Let's face it. We are raising a nation of pussies. We have become so overprotective none of the parenting styles that have been around for centuries are allowed any longer. No spanking if it leaves a bruise. No cookie dough. No short trips with the kids in the car unless you lug around a baby seat. No driving yourself around without a seat belt. No buying anything at the store without a panel to tell you that the box of ho ho's you are buying aren't good for you. It's okay to feed your kids microwaveable shit for 10 years, but don't go out driving for 10 minutes without a seat belt!

Okay, so clearly this is a button for me.

I guess I just don't like Big Brother trying to control every little aspect of our lives. But I guess I am the minority.

Glad y'all love big brother. And that even while reading this entry you loved big brother so much you rationalized every controlling behavior it exhibits. "That's dangerous", "I have a right to know what I am eating" and "It's not a big hassle to use a car seat" are your thoughts, but you are wrong. You are a zombie, but just don't know it.


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