Saturday, January 28, 2006

Poker Feedback

So, I was in this tournament, had made the money, and the blinds were T600/1200. I found myself with A5 suited in mid-position (I will admit that calling with this hand is marginal at best, horrible at worst, but that is not what I want to debate). The person in front of me raised it to approximately t2800. I call, and no one else does. Flop is 6d 4s 3d. Raiser puts in T3000. I raise to T7000. Raiser calls. Turn comes 6s, raiser checks so I put all in T8700, putting him on two overs, AX where X is higher than the board, likely J or up. Calling by raiser would leave him with T6000 or so. Raiser calls and shows AsQs. River falls a blank giving him the pot. Now why do I bring this up? Because I wanted to see if anyone saw an error with my play (aside from calling in first place) or his play. The way I saw it at the time was that I had 11 outs to winning the pot (Three 5's, Four 7's, and Four 2's), and an additional 6 outs to a split (Three 4's, and Three 3's). Additionally, I thought there was a good chance of a fold by someone just presenting overs. He called with a nut flush draw and two overs, so he at least thought he had outs and that I may have been on a draw. Plus, by that time, he was getting plenty of pot odds.

So what say you?


Blogger TripJax said...

I just don't like the call. Feels like a fold or raise situation, but you noted you already didn't like your play early.

Can't say I haven't been in that similar situation and done the same thing though.

Das poka.

6:08 PM  

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