Thursday, May 12, 2005

Just call me He-Man

Tuesday night I went and played a few hours of Volleyball. I played well: I spiked well, played good defense, set well, and just did everything well. It was nice to play in a situation where everyone moved on defense the way they were supposed to. Then on Wednesday night my un-victorious team and I played a double header of Volleyball. The first match we played against a team with one all star who I had played again in the past. He definitely did not belong in this league. Despite them having an all-star we made the first two sets close, the second ending at 25-23. In the third set, the all-star was not there and we slaughtered them. During the second set a first for our team occurred. Our play had forced another team to call time-out.

During the second match, we wiped the floor with the other team. We played well as a team, played good defense, and generally came together as a group. We needed that. In the second match our play again caused the other team to call time out. The team we played in the second match had beaten us earlier in the season, so it was nice to show them we could play.

I sped from the Volleyball to play some softball. I got there in time for part of the second game. As I was arriving, our team was giving up tons of runs because of errors. We were down 12-2 by time I got in the game. My first at bat I hit the ball well to the opposite field, but right at the guy. 10 feet in any direction and that was extra bases. Oh well. My second at bat I hit a hard line drive to first, but no one was there to cover, so I drove in two runs. My third at bat I had guys on first and second and no outs. I watched as the left-center fielder moved more to left field because I had hit opposite field twice. I decided then and there to hit it to center. I crushed it. Nearly hit the fence on the fly. I ran hard and made an inside the park homer (I almost caught the guy who was on first). I went wild with a celebration and we pulled the game closer. At the end of the inning it was 14-13. Then time ran out. The league we play in is a timed league where no new innings begin after an hour of play. Doh. We almost made it back and then fell flat. Made my celebration seem ridiculous. Oh well. I went 2-3 with 5 RBI's.

Overall a good night for sports for me.

Don't ask about poker.


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