Monday, October 20, 2003

Non-Agression is not always a good thing
While Bush travels to Terrorist Central to discuss non-aggression agreements with North Korea and the like (I like how we now have meetings saying "We won't attack you if you do this" which wholely implies that if they don't do that thing (ie get rid of nuke program) we will be aggressive), I find reports that Freddie Jones isn't aggresive enough on offense to be really surprising. When he was here (here being U of O) he could take over games with his offense. I mean, he WAS the Ducks offense. C'mon Freddy, show them what you've got. I've often said you were the best offense player I had ever seen, and you can do it in the pros, I have no doubt. You'll catch fire, I am sure, as soon as you dunk over Yao or Shaq or something. Be aggresive, B E aggresive, B E A G G R E S I V E.


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