Monday, June 09, 2003

How I spent my Sunday.... I slept in until 10 (had a bottle of wine by myself with dinner the night before and it turned into a late night) and then got up and did some multiple choice questions. Then I got my headset with its evidence CD and took my essay book and went on a several mile walk. It was a gorgeous day and I found a park that I didn't know existed. I went to McGrath's for lunch and had the appitizer combo basket, did an essay, and walked home. I sat around for a bit and then went on a bike ride to that park and listened to the last evidence CD. As the sun went down, I went to the park right next to my house and did another essay. I then came home and played some on-line poker and won. Then I watched a bit of South Park and Adult Swim and went to bed. And so begins another week of bar review.


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