Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Why can't you eat soup in the Matrix? Because there is no spoon. I was pondering about this morning and realized that if there is no spoon, there is no bone and therefore Neo should be able to be a shape shifter. I mean, this guy could turn his entire body into a giant axe and he could just start whacking the heads off the Smiths.

Wierd 'Al' just got wierder So he a new album out. A friend bought it for me and it sucks. There are a few good songs on it, but I got the feeling that Wierd Al has gotten bored with this gig and has tried to do an "artistic" album along the lines of some the of the Beatles creative, break through works. The problem is that it fails here. "Genius in France" sucks. So does his tired Eminem imitation about TV. The Constapated song is by far the best, with the B UR LUVR song right behind. Even the Polka song doesn't flow well. A poor effort to be sure.

The Best Buffy Post Ever This isn't such a post, this is just a tribute. For the best Buffy post ever, go talk to Jean. She's a god. (okay, maybe just a lesser god or a converted demon). (update: The series finale script: HERE)


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