Monday, May 26, 2003

My Memorial Day Weekend So Friday afternoon, my friend and I got a manacure then I helped her move some of her stuff to her parents place (she is moving to Miami for a job this week). That made me the guy with the softest hands for the fishing weekend. I got up early on Saturday (5:45 am) and drove down to Diamond Lake (east of Roseburg). I got there just in time to hop into a boat and get out into the lake. The weather wasn't great, but was good enough to keep us out on the lake until the night and was good enough for me to get a sunburn. We caught a lot of fish the first day, and let a lot go. I didn't win any of the contests that first day (I guess I should mention the contests... We have 3 contests a day for First Fish, biggest fish, and most fish... each person puts in 3 bucks and the winner of each category gets a dollar from each person.), but did catch a few fish.
The second day had horrible weather. It was miserable to fish as it was raining and windy. On top of that, the fishing was horrible. Once again I didn't win the contests, but we did play poker that night. I made $10 dollars in a nickle/dime/quarter game, so I was feeling pretty good about that. But I was really tired because the night before I thought we had an agreement that we would sleep in.... at 5:30 am someone came busting into the room to wake us up.
The next day (today) I had to get up early again, but at least I was able to "sleep in" until 6:40. today's contest was a 2$ prize for the first person with two fish over 15 inches. My uncle Dennis almost won it, but his second fish turned out to be 14 1/2 inches. I ended up catching a 19 incher and a 16 incher and won the contest. I had another big one, but lost it at the boat because it swam near the motor. (no, it didn't get hurt in the motor, it was off at the time). We did get to see some cool bird things. First we saw an Osprey get chased by a hawk until the osprey gave up its captured trout. Then, once when we had caught a fish and released it, the trout was slow to recover (often when you catch and release they take a few minutes to recover and swim off) and within 30 seconds of us releasing it an oprey swooped in and snatched it up. Was amazing to watch how quickly he spotted it.
As for Sex in the country (as opposed to Sex in the City)... We had walkie talkies in our boat all set to the same channel. Unfortunately, some other fisherpeople had the same radios and we heard their conversations all day. In the morning we heard a couple get in an argument which ended with the female saying "I will talk to you later. I don't feel like talking anymore." We referred to this entire exchange all day as "The Days of our Lives". Later, we heard the lady say to another lady friend that she was going to "polish the helmet" (her words, not mine) and she was referring to what you think she was.
Anyway, that was my weekend.


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