Thursday, June 01, 2006

Rainy Days

I tried to blog yesterday, but blogger was having a problem, so I posted to my myspace blog regarding the return of the bird outside my window. This time, after a month's absense, he brought home a mate. After blogging about the joys of birds outside my window, I went outside to feed the birds some popcorn. While spreading the popcorn about I found a dead bird. I am not sure yet if it is one of my birds or some other bird. Hopefully the joy isn't dead already.

In poker news, I have found out what I suspected. I am a below-average SNG player. While playing in a $20 SNG (that I won BTW) a guy with poker prophecy told me my stats. They are much worse than the last time I checked. At my best I am a slightly above average player and at worst a poor player. I think its time I rededicated myself to my craft. I've been reading 2+2 over the past few days and finally put on pokertracker to see if I can figure it out.

Here's what it comes down to. I know I am better at poker than that. I also know one of my problems is that I say "fuck it" to my self and make bad calls. Its time to clean up the leaks in my game. I've coached players intoo better players that I appear to be, but I know I can beat them.

Anyway, after locking the keys in my place, I have also determined I need to make a spare key.