Saturday, April 16, 2005

Another Poker Post (what is wrong with me)

Okay, so I was just reading Pokeramarama's weblog and found out that he JUST played his first Brick and Mortor game (for those not in the know, that is a game played in a casino). My first forray into (real) poker was in a casino. I was always scared of it, but that is where I lost my poker virginity there, not online. Now what makes this amazing is that when one is one of the poker blog stalwarts, you'd expect them to have more experience than just online. I think the thing that seperates me from many poker bloggers is fairly simple: I don't know how to figure out EV (or really what it stands for). In layman's terms: I know how to play, but I am not a poker geek. I live poker, but I don't check out the 2+2 boards (again for the layman, there is this guy, Schilansky [I just slaughtered his name] who wrote these theory of poker books that were published by 2+2 publishing and now there is a 2+2 website where poker related conversations go on forever).

Here's what I do know: How to read people by their bets. How to represent a table image and make that work for you. How to go on tilt (not a good thing). If I could eliminate that third one, I think I'd be a great player, but I can't so I am not. I make enough at poker to help with the bills, but not enough to live on. It is a grind, and its a grind I love. I love the real life game. Every game is different. Live Limit is much different than online. Live no limit is much different live than online.

Back to where I started: How is it that a poker celeb is a poker newbie and what does that mean about the other poker bloggers?


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