Friday, August 01, 2003

Ok.... the bar is over. It was fairly heinous. By the time the first day was over, I felt pretty much beat down. I didn't sleep well the night before the first day. I fell asleep at like midnight and woke up at 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 (I was afraid that the alarm wouldn't wake me and that I was going to arrive late). The essay portion was fairly simple. We had the 6 MBE subjects and ethics, partnerships/agency, and Civil Procedure. Fairly straightforward. However the first day made me question what is "minimum competency" really is. We registered in May. They've known for months how many people would attend. Guess what? They didn't print/bring enough tests!!!! If you are listening Oregon State Bar, you'd better pull your head out of your ass, 'cause I don't think I want to be paying dues just so I can be associated with incompetents. I am incompetent enough without your help. Anyway, the MBE really sucked. That is where everyone either made it or lost it. Barbri and PMBR kept saying "Oh, they'll be 20 gimmees" and that we would recognize ten to twenty of the questions from doing practice questions. I found 3 gimmees, which happen to be the 3 that I recognized from doing the practice questions. I've talked around and I am not the only person who noted this. And the Con Law questions? Forgetaboutit! They sucked. I could have had Scalia with me and still not been able to get these. And this is what my bar passage is going to be based upon? Like M&M says "Fuck you debbie." I don't know who debbie is, but I am sure she is suing Mr. Mathers. Anyway, the test sucked. It's over. And I spent all day yesterday relaxing. Now, I am cleaning my house and packing my shit. So far, I've gotten one room completely done. The bathroom. Only 4 more to go. Blah. Did I mention I suck?


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