Sunday, July 27, 2003

I am wearing sandals today. I have been wearing sandals a lot the last week. Why is that "post worthy"? I used to never wear sandals. I have never had a comfortable pair, so I would wear tennis shoes all the time no matter how hot it was outside. This persistance made it inconvinient to go wade in rivers and the like and made my feet always hot and sweaty. But to some extent, for a while in my life, wearing only socks had the purpose of hiding my nails. I had the nasty looking toe-nails made famous by Lamisil's ad where a fungus create rips up a toe nail and hops in. After several bouts of reoccurance, I finally got it under control using Sporonox, which as you can see by that link is not cheap. Having to go through three rounds of fighting it (not just three series of doses, but three series of three series of doses) would have been impossible if not for insurance. So anyway, I am wearing sandals today. I have two pair that are comfortable now. The ones I am wearing now are leather and fairly dressy for sandals. The other are "river sandals", which I have already worn into the river. The other day, I took a break from studying and sat in the river. It was a good time. I don't think I can sit in the river in Portland, but will have to find some stream to play in.

Did I menion that the bar is in 2 days? Soon.... soon, sweet release.


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