Saturday, July 26, 2003

Do you want to know what studying for the bar is like? Well, a friend wrote the following in an email she sent to her friends. I take no credit for this except that I was able to realize its brilliance and that it is perhaps the most real thing I have ever read.....

Despite the fact that i have exploited my cigarette habit to realms unknown to even the Marlboro Man, I was not able to bring on the bar-induced emphysema that i was so genuinely hoping would relieve me from living to take this test.
Yep, so although i could probably write everything i know about the multi-state on one sheet of legal pad- sized paper, and everything about the other 15 subjects on one hand... here goes nothing.

My neighbors snicker to each other when they walk by and see me on the porch staring at Conviser manuals; they even shout at me at midnight when they return from bars- "Hey, nerd... get out here and read, the bar is COMING!" Little do they know that i am studying in the bathtub.

Yesterday as i looked down at my legs, milky white from no sun exposure, i saw that i had written my own name on one of my kneecaps. was i afraid i would forget it in the mad rush to learn all this shit? i felt like it was symbolic of everything i've put on the back burner this summer- my dishes got so moldy i contemplated throwing them away today... i never exercise... i never call anyone. that's where you guys come in. i wanted to wish you all the best of luck this coming week. it's been a summer of self-doubt for many of us. Know that i think you are all super-do-whop and I love you! You are all smarties, winners, beautiful people. i know how important it is for all of us to clear this hurdle, given our finances and the economy, blah, blah... but each of you is so much more than can possibly be categorized as a "Passer" or "Failer." Damn, that's even more narrow a categorization than the zodiac and nobody believes astrology.

i look forward to seeing some of you in portland... and those of you taking other state tests, i will find you elsewhere.

The words of one Miss Shannon Green, reposted without her permission.


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