Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Malik the Duck

The Ducks signed Malik Hairston for the basketball program. Yes, he is the biggest recruit to come to Oregon for basketball. He's supposed to be the 7th best player coming out of the high school ranks this year. He could be the best player coming out of high school not entering the NBA draft. There are 10 players on that list coming out of high school. That means that there could be NBA players worse than a Duck.

In other Duck basketball news, Freddie Jones went scoreless in tonight's Pacer loss to the Magic. Last I had heard he was doing well. Despite not scoring, he still played 13 minutes.

In even more Duck basketball news, the Blazers worked out former Duck Luke Jackson. He is expected to go in the first round. Some have predicted as hight as a lottery pick.

UpdateESPN did report the signing... though you really have to look for it buried pages and pages from the main college basketball home page. But there it is in case you thought I was lying.


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