Monday, November 07, 2005

Turn away regular readers, its Poker content

So, I've lost most of my winning on Paradise Poker. I am down to under $100 on there after being at over $2000. I've still cashed out more than I have ever deposited, but it hurts to lose so much. I haven't played much lately, but I am not sure what is wrong with my game. Could be scared money. Not sure. Might have to switch over to the .25/.50 limit game rather than the mini-tournies and MTT. Grrr. How did I go from Poker Pro to Poker Schmo is no time flat? Perhaps I was always a schmo. Perhaps it is because I don't play anymore. I am not sure.

Maybe, it is because of all the 'bots. Yeah, that's the ticket. It's the bots.


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