Friday, August 27, 2004

Again, its been a while

So I've got several clients now. Had a hearing the other day. Very exciting times. Broke as hell, but otherwise exciting.

In other news, if this wasn't on CNN, I'>">I wouldn't believe it.

In still other news, I think the NCAA has made two mistakes this past week. First I think their rules are archaic and new revising. So, I think Jeremy Bloom, a WR from Colorado who also happens to be a Ski Stud, we denied the ability to play FOOTBALL because he gets money for SKIING. Seems a bit odd to me. And then they declare Mike Williams inelligible 2 DAYS before his season starts. Anyway, they need to get over themselves, realize the students are in it for the money just like they are, and get with the times.

Had a cool dream the other night. Don't recall how exactly it started. I think some of the other characters started out as space aliens, but you know how dreams are. As time went on, they became human. In fact, they eventually stated they were time travelers. Well, sort of. They were able to live 20 years in the past. One of the women involved had seen me as a child 20 years ago, fell in love with me (and I think I with her). Anyway, she came to the present to get me. And you travel into the past by running three miles. I don't get that last part. Thats the way dreams are.


Blogger Nina said...

Yo! Pajama party @ the Boiler Room on Wednesday night! Woo!

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What? A Job? I wouldn't have put a bet on :)


3:46 PM  

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