Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Several things.....

The Ducks just lost the Sun Bowl. I do wonder what Bellotti was doing with those late timeouts. Dammit. I even wore my lucky duck socks today.

At the end of last season and the beginning of this season, Ruben Patterson didn't want to be here. Now that he has told management not to trade him, his play has really stepped up and he truly is the Blazers spark plug. While Zack may be getting all the point and rebounds, Ruben is really stupping up.

Strange dream
The other night I had a strange dream. It involved Dif'rent Strokes. Remember that cheezy red-headed kid they added in their last season? Well he, was there. So were two black kids, one of which was the neighbor kid from the Cosby Show whilie the other was Arnold. They were asked to entertain the brat and started making booping noises and rocked back and forth in unison. I knew at once that they were imitating Space Invaders. They played for a while with one of those full size GI Joe dolls, and pretended to fix it though I could tell it wasn't broken. All three went into another room when the dork began to look older. Arnold noticed and was like What the hell is up with that? and the red-head said he had the ability to make himself look younger and cuter. He went on to explain that would use this ability to make Arnold's life miserable so forth. At this point, a hankerchief comes from beneath the bed. His mother had, for some reason, been hiding underneath the bed and heard everything. Then the red head turns into a cat and attacks his mother. Mr. Drummond came in and turned into a black dog. He started barking and then bit my (the mothers neck) but didn't break the skin. He then bit the cat and swallowed it whole. Wierd dream.

Hi. You can bookmark this page instead of searching for my name on line.

PS2 sucks
I own one and like the games, but its laser runs out too quickly. Just got a new game for it, opened it up, and it won't play because PS2 sucks. Can I sue, I wonder?


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