Thursday, September 25, 2003

Why Comcast sucks my chode So, I have spent 9 hours here with cable guys (this is not counting the hours spent waiting for them) so that they could get my internet working. When I called them the first time it was to get everything hooked up. The first guy used short cuts evidentially and that has caused future problems. So after that 3 hour excursion I started to have periods where my internet would go out for hours and hours at a time. Of course, these periods of lapse never happened when my roomie was home. So, I should mention that I had purchased a wireless router for about $100 and it worked well when the internet worked. So I called Comcast about the intermetent service and the guy came out and discovered the previous shotty work and fixed what he could and made arrangements for a crew of about 5 to come the next day to finish the job. Keep in mind here that when the first guy came out, my internet was working and so was my tv. When he left the tv worked, but the internet did not. Now comes the big crew. After waiting for them for a long time, they did their thing and almost left without checking to see if the internet worked. It didn't. They now blame my router, which worked two days ago, and say that I need to make an appointment for them to come try a different router to see if it works. They left and I was mad. Then, hours later, I went to turn on the TV. It was out. They replaced all the wiring for the complex and neglected to make sure all the TV's worked, including mine. So here I am, stark raving mad, without my own internet and no TV. So Comcast, which cheek would you like to start kissing first.

Oh, and by the way, my law mind wants to sue their ass. But I probably won't.

PPS - I get sworn in tomorrow and become official.


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