Thursday, August 21, 2003

Secular Purpose! So I just watched the Alabama Judge's speech on CNN and I just hope that his speech is offered into evidence at the Supreme Court oral arguments. It is clear that the judge does not understand "secular purpose", lest he would not have brought up the statute of the Greek god while talking about how the controversial 10 commandments carving is acknowledging god. That is not a secular purpose! Alabama's best argument is that the work is ceremonial in nature. As a legal matter, there is no way that placard should stay. But as the chief justice of the Alabama Court stated, judges make mistakes. The only way the monument stays is if the Supreme Court gets all religious itself. The law on the subject is pretty clear, but it is their perogative to toss away the law. Four federal judges have all agreed that this monument is unconstitutional. Anyway, just another reason not to head to Alabama, where the non-Christian is presumptively wrong when he/she goes before the court.


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